More than 25 years the sport of triathlon now has held me in its claws.


More than 25 years of experience on a diversity of different distances, during the not so recent years of triathlon on completely different not to call them wild proportions between the 3 disciplines of our beloved endurance sport.


During all that time, I have learned quite a bit, not only as an athlete, also as coach and human being. 

Besides huge success as multiple Ironman and national and European Champ on other distances I had to fight disease and difficult times. 


All this plays an important role, when I write plans, talk about what I've experienced or am out there training together with other athletes.


Carpe diem, without loosing sight on your goals is key; keeping flexible yet empowering yourself constantly to be able to achieve your realistically set goals, to ultimately be  one and content with yourself.


The way is the goal. At least it is the major part of it.