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Basically the same as the backend, although a number of functions related to the creation of workouts is not available to the athletes. 
They can additonally upload a .tcx file after having previously clicked on a workout and closed it again in the tab "Graph". The chosen workout will be related after the upload and the coach will see an icon on the bottom left of the workout, clicking it will open the graph that the component makes when parsing the upload:

If the user wants to see the route he has done during his workout, he can check the create map? checkbox and a google map with the route will also be created. Selection can be made on the graph and the average bpm over the selected timerange will be calculated. Future versions will have more values to be calculated.

When a user clicks on a workout, he can provide feedback (text, duration and distance done). 
He can make a pdf out of a selected range and add / edit / delete appointments and edit his info textbox.

He can also download the complete set of workouts as .ical, tested and working well with outlook for starters.